What if you could feel as good as you do after YOGA whenever you think about MONEY?

Edward Vilga’s new book THE YOGA OF MONEY MANIFESTO (Stone Heap Publishing, April 2017) hit number #1 on Amazon for all of New Thought.

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This Fall, Edward Vilga will be co-leading the first YOGA OF MONEY RETREAT.

Edward will also be offering OPENING UP TO NEW INCOME, an interactive Online Course, this October.

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I Doubled My Income Doing What I Love

The thing that I’m most proud of after completing The Yoga Of Money is that I doubled my income doing what I love 90% of the time.

Joshua Home Edwards
Maestro Conference Facilitator, Author

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Money Flowing In…

THE YOGA OF MONEY has already created tangible changes for me. I had the confidence to eliminate one part-time job which drains me and makes me feel bad in order to make room for other, happier avenues for Money to flow in.

Robyn Heller
Copyeditor, Freelance Writer, Performer

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The Hip, Yogic Version of Suze Orman (only funnier)

Basically, Edward Vilga is the hip, yogic version of Suze Orman, only funnier. He expertly guides you through your relationship to money with compassion and a healthy dose of humor.

Cristy Candler
Broadway Actress / Entrepreneur

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Off to Italy!

Edward Vilga’s THE YOGA OF MONEY course guided us with ease and grace (and some humor) through what can be a very uncomfortable, touchy and private topic.  I even planned a vacation to Italy that I had been wanting to take for a couple years.   I’m grateful for the experience and to have the presence, wisdom and guidance of Edward Vilga, and his trusty faithful assistant Belle, in my life.

Rachel Saydak
Wellness Professional, Performer

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A New Job!

THE YOGA OF MONEY was the highlight of my year. I learned how to face my biggest fear which has always been my finances. Most importantly, I left a job where I was underpaid, under-valued, and overworked for a new position at a superb company. Thank you!

Jeremy Hernandez
Fashion Stylist, Luxury Group Manager @ The Real Real

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Cash From Unexpected Sources…

From the first simple yogic steps that Edward Vilga sweetly offers, I not only got insight into my money story, but cash started coming in from unexpected sources!

• Amber Williamson, MA
Certified Clinician in Yoga Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Nutrition Consultancy

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What would you like your

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Peaceful Solutions During Crisis

I began working with Edward Vilga and The Yoga Of Money during a period of financial crisis.  Through the combination of yogic practices, mindset reframing and practical information, I was able to re-evaluate my situation, uncovering health care benefits I wasn’t taking advantage of as well as strategies for working with my credit cards.

• Nadia Kazmierczek
Graphic Designer

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Healing Shame

I have no experience with Yoga, not even one class, but the invite to look at my money story in a more holistic way piqued my curiosity. Dealing with my endless recriminations of not saving enough, spending wisely enough, put me into a shame box that THE YOGA OF MONEY was thankfully able to unlock.

• Linda English
Freelance Writer

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Finally Getting My Financial House In Order…

I’ve tried using multiple programs, books, and counseling over the past 10 years to help get my financial house in order. Edward Vilga’s THE YOGA OF MONEY online course is the first to resonate with me.

• Anthony Ware
Author, Speaker, Yoga/Wellness Teacher

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My newest book is about how everything I’ve learned as a yoga teacher can (and should) be applied to the world of money.

The shortest explanation is that I’ve found that all money books fall into two categories: Mindset or Number-Crunching.

It’s either CREATIVE VISUALIZATION or THINK AND GROW RICH or Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction…

Or it’s Suze Orman or Andrew Tobias or any other money expert who focuses on interest rates and bank bank balances.

The amazing thing about yoga is that the practice is HOLISTIC.

We don’t separate Mind, Body, and Spirit. Instead, we work with their interconnectedness.

That’s the UNIQUE approach THE YOGA OF MONEY offers: An opportunity to connect  mindset/spiritual aspects with  Practical/Number-Crunching/Bank Balance approach.

And…as with Yoga…we’ll embrace this as an ongoing PRACTICE.

What if we viewed our personal finances NOT as problems to be solved but rather as opportunities, even gifts, for TRANSFORMATION.

In fact, that may be the most valuable offering of this course: THE YOGA OF MONEY will explore embracing the radical and revolutionary mindset shift from Problem Solving to PRACTICE (and the astonishing results that can create in our lives.)


Remember: Yoga teaches us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…!

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Moving Past My Fears

In an age where everyone is looking for a quick fix and instant gratification THE YOGA OF MONEY offers a different approach. For me, it has removed the shame and fear that has haunted me for years and allowed me to move forward from a positive place.
• Jude English

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Taking Control of My Spending

In just the first week, I have already realized how I treat my money is representative to how I treat myself at any given point in time. I am continually astounded by the genius that is Edward Vilga!

• Gin Osborne
Massage Therapist

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Transformation from Within

Now, instead of automatically worrying about and avoiding the financial aspects of my life, I remember my new money story. Most moving and motivating about YOM is that the financial aspects of my life do not exist in a vacuum. “Money woes” can and will disappear when I shine the lens of YOM on them.

• Elizabeth Preston

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Blessed and Confident

My friend gifted me with THE YOGA OF MONEY Course. I completed the course feeling blessed and confident. I intend to gift all of my friends and family with Edward’s insights and humor as soon as the book is available.

• Lynette Lindahl • Operations Manager
Ascent Consumer Products, Inc.

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Practicality…and Infinite Possibilities

Edward takes the old topic of finance and brilliantly combines it with mind, body and spirit in THE YOGA OF MONEY! His expertise shines throughout while his overall content and practicality lend themselves to the flow of infinite possibilities! Thank you Dear Edward & Belle! Truly life changing!

• Kendra (Agam) Prowse ~
Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

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Bringing Home the Bacon

Edward Vilga may have attained some fame as my handler––and I was also  a guest lecturer for the course––but I can testify that the YOM transformed the way I look at my finances completely. No more worrying about where the next slice of bacon is coming from = Serenity Now.

• Belle

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