A Spa Day For Your Soul


Last summer, I invented the NYC Staycation as a 4–5 hour mini-retreat.

The cornerstone of the day is playing the board game TRANSFORMATION.

Each person plays with his or her own life focus question.

(Past questions have included everything from "How can I receive more money?" to "What the best way to get along better with my boss?" to "How can I forgive _____?" to "What do I need to clear in my life in order to find the romantic relationship I want?")

Awareness, Angels, Setbacks, and Insight cards are drawn.

You play through four levels––physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual––with your question.

Trust me: if you're open, TRANSFORMATION will reach to the heart of your issue and move you as deeply as you are willing to experience.

I don't want to oversell but I've experienced amazing synchronicity while playing and many people receive the answers to long-term questions. (Two best friends even met while playing––although I can't promise that!)

It's always fun and lively and free-spirited, though, and if you're willing to remain open, MAGICAL MOMENTS usually reveal themselves.


I do these about once or twice a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon.

Since it involves a maximum of 2–3 people, I schedule them whenever everything aligns for the participants.

Note: groups can consist of good friends or total strangers...it always works out.


We can start whenever we decide but the event usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours.

Depending on the crowd, snacks are usually served and wine is usually poured.

And it's designed so if you have a cut-off we can work around that.


My home on the UWS (a ten minute walk from Exhale CPS).

I think you'll find it's the perfect environment to relax and renew.

Plus it comes with a Labrador Service Dog who answers life questions.

See that little blue floating calendar icon at the top right of the page?

(also accessible at the bottom blue box saying SCHEDULE and LET'S CONNECT icons)?

You can see dates, sign-up and pay directly there. (Note: very flexible start for all these times)

ALSO: I'm quite happy to arrange other times if you're dying to explore Transformation as a group. Just remember it takes 2-3 hours and I'm sure we'll find a convenient time to explore together.

Each STAYCATION is limited to 4 people maximum playing TRANSFORMATION.

Usually I play as well but I have sometimes simply moderated.

Therefore it could me as small as 1 person + me....or as many as 4 people with me moderating.

(And Belle, is of course, supervising throughout!)

I'm flexible (yoga pun unavoidable) regarding the price.

The SUGGESTED price of $147. Most people pay that.

But if money is a major issue and you can't swing the full price, please let me know.


I don't want cash to be the only deal-breaker if you're very drawn to this experience.

Note: I always offer couple and group discounts if you want to play with folks you know.

And yes: cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal and credit cards all work for me. (And you can pay at the link on the floating side bar, too.)