Over 1.4 Million people get the DailyOM email blast every morning.

And honestly a short nugget of spiritual inspiration isn’t the worst way to start your day.

They also offer a ton of online classes where you can pay either a suggested $25 (or $10 or $40) and then either “Find True Love in 27 Days” or “Break the Grip of Past Lovers.”

Last fall when I created my first class for the DailyOM, I had guest teacher access to many of these courses but with a unique, behind-the-scenes feature: I could binge-consume them, much as one would with a new Netflix series.

Note: Stranger Things 2 just became available yesterday; please get back to me in 9-12 hours.

Anyway, doing my research in the morning, I would take Debbie Ford’s terrific “Overcoming Self-Sabotage” course (8 weeks) in 4 hours; in the afternoon I attempted to “Heal My Money Karma” (8 weeks) in 3.

The next day, I absorbed “A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back” in a record-breaking 6 hours, then I learned how to “Become a Money Magnet” in 2.

And on it went.

Crash courses in Instant Enlightenment.

Some of the courses were much better than others (obviously), and some courses had ridiculous claims akin to the scene in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY where one can get eight minute abs in seven minutes.

All of it, however, got me thinking about the complex nature of Transformation.

Quick Fixes vs. Lasting Changes.

A new insights that shifts everything vs. a long, steady process of personal growth.

Quantum leaps versus gradual evolution.


While teaching yoga, I explore and experience all of this often.

As Dr. Timothy McCall writes, “Yoga is strong medicine but slow medicine.”

I’ve seen people heal themselves and transform their bodies through yoga, but it rarely happens overnight.

When a new and eager 42-year-old student who works as an investment banker and runs marathons asks me how long before he gets flexible, I always respond by asking him long it took to get tight.

And yet there are those truly exciting moments of instant transformation.

I recently helped a lovely new student achieve crow pose by encouraging her to stay lifted but move her heart forward in the shape. About twenty words from me and a brief demo yielded instant, high-flying success.

I wasn’t going to write about any of this until next month because my “Spotlight Day” (that’s what they call it), when my course is officially announced to 1.4 Million people, happens mid-November.

I have, however, been surprised to see that my course is already on the DailyOM site in a testing phase. (Note: they’ve test marketed 3 titles and still counting, but the content is all mine).

It’s already #4 and over 1,000 people are enrolled pre-launch.

(I managed to screen grab the magical 1111 moment last night. Also, I did not have any voice in choosing this imagery but I kinda love it.)

Anyway, it seemed like I was withholding by not sharing the new course with all of you now (you can check it out HERE), especially since the YEAR of transformation can begin at any moment, not just January 1 or on my “Spotlight Day.”

I also want to share a few things exclusively with you, more of the backstory about why I created this course in a one-year format.

First, lasting change is what really matters–not just short-lived, instant breakthroughs.

As someone in the “Transformation Biz” I’ve witnessed and personally experienced the highs of sudden workshop breakthroughs followed by the crash back into dreary reality.

If you commit to doing daily inner work over an entire year, however, I know something important will shift for you in a permanent and meaningful way.

Secondly, I believe in the power of small changes.

I believe I first read this in Janet Malcolm’s PSYCHOANALYSIS: THE IMPOSSIBLE PROFESSION (and I’m eager to re-read and see if I’m correct), but I remember learning that you have to think about change and personal growth being similar to launching a rocket ship.

Even if it’s just the slightest shift in course after launch, in a long journey, this matters exponentially over time.

A few degrees difference can take you to an entirely different galaxy.

Finally, I’m glad I made the course yearlong because I’ve always loved the alchemical proverb “Through repetition the magic will rise.”

I might add that it’s actually repetition when mixed with new insight, new listening.

I remember another client’s past triumph in crow pose, something he was determined to achieve after months of tumbling unceremoniously to the ground.

One day, he suddenly nailed the pose, turning to me saying, “What you said today about the hands really made all the difference.”

The truth is that I’d said the same thing, more or less, twice a week for six months… that day was just the first day he was able to actually hear it.

That’s why I think a yearlong class like this is so valuable: it can alter our course even just the slightest which ultimately yields a new destination, and at the same time, it keeps repeating the wisdom we all need, until we can actually hear it, as though it were being offered for the first time.

Why not see if it appeals… CLICK HERE

And please feel free to let me know how your own lasting transformations in your life were created… (or what you think after binge-watching Stranger Things 2!)

More Abundance Adventures ahead…