Yesterday was such an intense day that today I slept in to compensate.

First, I showed up for my new client only to learn that somehow the lesson was not on –– non-tragic but slightly confusing.

Then because of another Belle 2 am thing, took a delightful mid-morning nap.  (Last night we both slept like babies.)

A brief soak at the Imperial Day Spa so I could be at my cleanest and freshest.

And then Belle and I attended the TEDxFiDi (I have no idea what all that stands for) but basically TED with Susan speaking at the end of the first segment.





First standing ovation –– and truly universal and spontaneous –– after such an extraordinary and wonderful 18 minutes.  [Will provide online link when available.]

The rest of the afternoon/day spent hanging with the other speakers, enjoying the buffet, and then collapsing into a deep, deep sleep.  (IE, My sympathetic support extended to the point where I felt I was giving a TED talk and needed extensive recovery time).

Long ago Superstar Designer Jonathan Adler taught me perhaps the greatest truth of life:  your hair makes or breaks you.  It’s really that simple.

Just look how astonishing Susan’s hair looks in this photo –– and then just imagine her speech topping that.  (Seriously.)

Amazing, right?