For nearly 20 years, Edward has taught yoga to countless thousands, mainly in New York City and across America, but also at retreats around the world.

He is also the author of eight published books. His most recent book THE YOGA OF MONEY MANIFESTO (April 2017) hit #1 in its category on Amazon.

Edward Vilga’s other books include the novel DOWNWARD DOG and the the bestselling YOGA IN BED.

That book and DVD have been featured in PEOPLE and Oprah’s O MAGAZINE, along with TV shows such as LIVE WITH KELLY, CBS’ EARLY SHOW, and over 50 other publications.

YOGA IN BED has been translated into over a dozen languages. The DVD has been downloaded and viewed over 1 million times.

Edward is a Yale graduate.

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Edward Vilga’s newest book, THE YOGA OF MONEY MANIFESTO (Stone Heap Publishing), was released in April 2017 (appropriately during tax season). It promptly hit #1 on Amazon for New Thought.

Edward Vilga's course for DailyOM (3M subscribers), A YEAR TO GET RICH WITH PURPOSE is currently their #1 bestselling course.

Offering a new lens on the topic––and thus suitable for even Finance Professionals––in GETTING RICH WITH PURPOSE , Edward Vilga often uses yoga poses as metaphors for aspects of one’s financial life.

Debt, for example, if symbolized by Inversions, poses where one goes upside down; Balancing on one leg in Tree Pose helps define the concept of having a Safety Net for when life throws your plans out of balance; Retirement Planning is likened to restorative poses where one uses props to set things up for an extended letting go period.

Beyond offering bold new models to illuminate traditional financial situations, GETTING RICH WITH PURPOSE also offers immediate relief through easily accessible yoga poses, breath practices, and meditations specifically designed to relieve financial stress and allow abundance and opportunity to flow more freely.

Students who’ve attended Edward Vilga's RICH WITH PURPOSE events report “I removed the shame and fear that has haunted me for years and can now move forward from a positive place"; others experience “money coming in from unexpected sources” or “I am in such a different place (mentally and financially) thanks to you.”

“Basically, Edward Vilga is the hip, yogic version of Suze Orman, only funnier. He expertly guides you through your relationship to money with compassion and a healthy dose of humor." says Broadway actress Cristy Candler.

Although highly adaptable, RICH WITH PURPOSE is usually offered as a 60-75 minute interactive presentation that includes extremely accessible yoga moves, breath practices, and some awareness/visualization exercise and short meditations tailored for the audience.

CREATIVE FLOW is a highly adaptable workshop offering easy seated stretches, some universally accessible standing movements, as well as a guided relaxation meditation and some creativity-freeing writing exercises. In the workshop, we will remove obstacles to creativity (primarily stress), and since creativity comes from within, we’ll use classic yoga techniques to tune into our Inner Awareness. We’ll also explore how achieving a state of Flow through connecting breath and movement allows us to suspend the judgment of our “Inner Critics,” giving us not only the “permission to fail” necessary for true creativity, but also access to our deepest intuition.
FORMAT (45-60 minutes): Introductory remarks followed by easy seated stretches. Some standing movements (all universally accessible) with an emphasis on connected, flowing breathing. Awareness exercises including a guided relaxation meditation plus a creativity-freeing writing exercise.
KEY CONCEPTS: REMOVING OBSTACLES TO CREATIVITY • 5 Easy Yoga Stretches (suitable when sitting at your desk) to release stress • Highlights from my book YOGA FOR SUITS “INNER GAME” SKILLS OF AWARENESS BUILDING • Creativity comes from within • Tuning into body awareness to access Creative Inspiration ACCESSING THE STATE OF FLOW • Connecting Movement and Breath through a simple standing series • Referencing psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's landmark book FLOW on investigations of "optimal experience" regarding creativity. SUSPENDING JUDGMENT • Exploring how “Permission to Fail” / Suspending Judgment is vital to the Creative Process • Yoga teaches us this through “impossible” shapes that open us to the possibilities of Transformation ACCESSING INTUITION THROUGH A STATE OF RELAXATION • Guided Visualization towards Active Relaxation • Letting Go: The Key to Creative Improvisation • Automatic Writing exercise to “check in” with intuitive insights Save Save

As my Unauthorized Bio HERE illustrates, in many ways, I’m an altar boy gone wrong. (Sometimes VERY wrong.)

I officially began my yoga practice at Assumption Jr. High when a visiting missionary nun taught us “Christian Yoga.” That label was somehow a creative loophole she fashioned that allowed her to share the practice in a Catholic school.

Since then, I’ve forged many Creative Loopholes of my own, from writing unauthorized celebrity biographies and romance novels under pseudonyms right after college, to sidestepping a corporate career yet serving that community directly via yoga.

Yoga was, and is, for me the largest part of my spiritual practice. Becoming a teacher both took me completely by surprise and yet felt inevitable. (I’ve written about that journey HERE.)

Knowing that, as a Yale graduate, I could easily have taken another path and been a member of the corporate audiences I now teach and address informs my speaking on a deep level.

Leading a Yoga Event in Times Square

In a parallel universe, with just a few different twists in the Road Taken, I might be a banker, lawyer, or marketing executive and not someone who stands on his head for a living.

Having now taught thousands upon thousands of individuals (and through my DVDs, quite literally millions), I’m able to awaken and inspire something in my students in ways that are accessible and playful, and as diverse as the audiences themselves.

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Other Popular Topics Include:

What if stress accumulated at the office could be left behind at the office?

Based on Edward Vilga's bestselling book YOGA FOR SUITS, he shares potent stretches and easily accessible practices that allow you to have a "yoga edge" at work: a calm but alert, relaxed yet inspired state of mind  that facilitates great decisions and brilliant solutions.

We'll explore easy, practical solutions to eliminate the negative effects of stress in the modern workplace including strategies to expand our mindset and think "Big Picture."

Usually offered in  a 60-75 minute interactive format, topics covered include:

  • Morning Energizer Moves
  • End of Day Tension Releasers
  • Releasing Lower Back Tension
  • Easy, No-Frills, No-Fuss Intro to Meditation (#InstantCorporateZen)
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We often work in Stressful Situations if not outright Chaos.

Yoga can help us FOCUS and work most EFFICIENTLY.

Topics covered include:
  • Establishing and Re-connecting with Priorities through breath and movement.
  • An exploration of how yoga is the ultimate Multi-Tasking Challenge.
  • How the yogi approaches his or her practice applies directly to the modern workplace.

An interactive exploration on moving beyond your current Comfort Zone to embrace new challenges with enthusiasm and success. Learn yoga techniques to thrive in today’s Ever-Evolving Workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • Ways to successfully Take on More (without giving in to overload/overwhelm)
  • Staying Present despite continuous change.
  • How the right attitude towards evolution determines the outcome.
  • How yogis stay alive and ever-questioning in their practices.







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