Private Yoga


Over the past decade, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching yoga privately (including couples and small groups) to several hundred individuals.  In fact, I’ve taught everyone from:

•     Absolute beginners to advanced students.

•      People wanting to chill out and others who crave an extreme athletic challenge.

•      Individuals wanting to lose over 100 pounds, to professional dancers.

•      Radiant pregnant women, to individuals managing life-challenging illnesses.

•      Third-graders to senior citizens.

Together, we can shape and create a yoga practice that exactly right for your INDIVIDUAL needs.

That’s because Private Yoga is:

Totally Non-Intimidating

It’s just you and me figuring out what you need.

There’s no question too basic.

There’s never any possibility of confusion or embarrassment or feeling “out of place.”

Individually Targeted
for your body and your goals.

We only work on what’s right for you.

It’s never overwhelming (or boring) and you’ll be given all the modifications and options that are just right for you.

The absolute BEST WAY
to BEGIN a yoga practice.

I teach classes of 40–50 people (even thousands in Times Square!) and there’s just no way I can instruct and correct each person.

Group classes have a wonderful energy but they are not how I would advise anyone to start practicing yoga.

A small package of lessons can guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and build the right foundation.

As Woody Allen said, 90% of success is just showing up.

Unlike New Year’s Resolutions that quickly fade or gym memberships you purchase and then never return again, when people buy a package of lessons, they always complete them.  You’re guaranteeing your success since Private Yoga…

Works Around Your Schedule

Private students progress far more rapidly than in group classes because I’m able to correct and adjust them so specifically. Over a few sessions, I’ve facilitated countless student achieving breakthroughs with poses they struggled with in class for years.


 Note:  With my current schedule and my focus on my creative projects –– even with Skype –– I’m only able to work with a limited number of private students.

Nonetheless, I love teaching so I thoroughly encourage you to contact me in the hope that our schedules might just mesh.

Here are some FAQS.

Please email me for rate information and any further questions.