The Worst of the Bad Advice
I wish I could tell you what I’m launching in a month. (I can’t…not just yet.) But I can tell
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The Surprisingly Low Cost of Instant Enlightenment
Over 1.4 Million people get the DailyOM email blast every morning. And honestly a short nugget of spiritual inspiration isn’t
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The Most Annoying New Age Expression
I honestly think that there’s nothing more annoying than being told by a New Age person that you need to
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The Only Two Things I Learned This Summer
I want to share two things I’ve been pondering about my urban terrace gardening this summer. The first comes from
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Group Coaching Program
This October I’m offering a 9 month unique program:   PRACTICAL AWAKENING   We’ll explore getting your Creative Dreams to
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Let’s Hang Out Tomorrow
Tomorrow, June 14th, I’m having a book signing hosted by Hästens to celebrate THE YOGA OF MONEY MANIFESTO hitting #1
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The Mind / Body / Puppy Connection
“All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog.” – Kafka – Belle has been
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The Way of Water
Book and project launches are tricky times. There’s a mix of excitement and disappointment, feelings of deep satisfaction and completion
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Miracle In Rwanda #1
Zipcar to Rwanda
This afternoon my buddy Joe and I are hopping into a zipcar to Trenton, NJ to check out a Miracle.
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