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Although my primary focus is on my own writing and creative expression, I find it tremendously satisfying to work with a handful of creative clients to help them bring their visions to life.

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I know that I can guide you past creative and professional blocks to get your work COMPLETED and then published, produced, and promoted (and work on the Big Picture aspects of your Career, too).

HOW DO I KNOW THIS? … Because I’ve done it for myself: 8 published books, 3 produced films, 1 play that’s toured six continents + lots more on the way.




The Writer’s Problems & How I Help

“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.”

—Philip Roth

As a writer, I’m keenly aware of the problems we face.

Are you…


For reasons known or unknown, you’re just not writing.

You know you have something to say but days, weeks, months, even years go by and you're not getting it down on the page.

Or are unable to solve some problem within your work, something that has stumped you and blocked the creative flow?

You know have a story to tell––it might even be your own life story––and yet it's nearly impossible to shape the material. You don't know what to leave out and what to leave it...Or whether it should be a memoir or turned into fiction or put in some new genre entirely.

I've coached many people through all of these issues, and have overcome them myself in both fiction and non-fiction.


Is the rest of your life completely getting in the way of your creative pursuits?

Is it impossible to find time to write?

I used to think that unless I received a tidy inheritance and retired to a lighthouse with my dog, I'd never be able to get anything down on the page...but that's just not true.

Or are you unsure how you can get your writing read by "the right people?" Wondering how you really can get published or produced, or even get your foot in the door?

Eight books and 3 movies ago, I spent a lot of time "fumbling in the dark" before I found ways that worked.

I know I can help.


Not sure how much you're "allowed" to reveal about yourself or the people you're writing about.

Wondering if anyone's going to care about what you have to say?

Are you unsure that the compliments you're getting from friends and family are just their way of being polite?

Or maybe you've been working diligently but your just not getting the results you want from your career.

We all know the old quote that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result."

Maybe it's time to get sane about your creative career, getting a new perspective that shines light on old problems.

Maybe it's time for a compassionate, knowledgeable, but totally honest professional assessment and advice.

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

––E.L. Doctorow

As your coach, I can be that light for you.

First and foremost, you will no longer be alone in your struggle to bring your creative dreams to life.

Together we can break down your project’s requirements into manageable pieces.

Together we can set deadlines and help you remain accountable for them.

Together, we can explore tons of tried-and-true methods to get you started writing (or re-started) during those difficult times we all have where nothing’s flowing.

Together we will:

• Clarify your creative goals, making sure they are both ambitious yet attainable

• Develop a blueprint for you to achieve your creative vision

• Create systems that support you

• Discuss your projects in great detail, making them as strong and marketable as possibility

• Strategize all phases of your project, from creative development to marketing and platform building

• Brainstorm about promotional and career opportunities

Finally, together we’ll…

• Develop a powerful structure of Accountability –– perhaps the most valuable component of our working together –– which will ensure that you’ll move forward with newfound speed and confidence




“I am heartily recommending Edward Vilga as a Creative Guru for getting published or produced or moving through creative and life challenges.

After consulting informally with him about my business and life, I can say that working with him will be effective, playfull, compassionate, and inspiring.

You’ll have all sorts of breakthroughs, both artistically and professionally, and thoroughly enjoy the process, too!”


Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (aka SARK)
Bestselling Author/Artist of 16 Books
(Including A Creative Companion and Make Your Creative Dreams REAL)


“Edward Vilga was instrumental in helping me launch my first book in 2008. His personal recommendation to my “soon to be” agent gave me the foot in the door I needed to be taken seriously in the literary world. Edward was equally fabulous through the stages of the book’s development with his own flavor of encouragement and his “can do” approach (exemplified by his many published books and dvds). This spilled over into a copious supply of enthusiasm and positivity for my project. I am eternally grateful for his advice, generosity and kind demeanor as he worked with me through this very successful process.”

Sarah Tomlinson
author “Nine Designs For Inner Peace”


“I’m so glad to be working with Edward on my new book. In fact, it’s not just helping my work, the approach we’re taking is carrying over to other realms (just like yoga.) I’ve gone from bitchily complaining about being stuck and fully believing in its inevitability/intractability to willingly re-thinking everything, trying new ways to work and organize my life–and I’m enjoying the process. Most importantly, I’m amazed at how much we’ve accomplished in a short time through smarter strategies and greater efficiency and accountability. He’s definitely been a breakthrough genius for me.”

Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn
Author of The Empty Room (Scribner: 2004)
Co-Author of The Death of Cancer (FSG: 2015)


Working With Me

Unlike many writing coaches, my own achievements speak for themselves.

My successes (and failures) provide the foundation of knowledge and experience that makes me a powerful Creative Coach.

I’ve had major hits with mass-market books released by St. Martins Press and also academic tomes published by Rutgers University.

I’ve written some proposals that did not sell…and I’ve had books hit #1 on Amazon.

I’ve had projects that have been sleeping in a drawer and hibernating, as well as books and scripts optioned by Oscar-winning filmmakers.

I’ve co-created theater that’s toured the world and and produced Obie-winning work.

Perhaps more importantly, though, I have extensive experience helping others on both the CREATIVE level and the MARKETING.

That’s why I’m an experienced editor as well as a savvy producer, as good at brainstorming over content as I am over promotional plans.

Ultimately, I believe I offer a unique set of PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for my clients, one that combines all my experience to help you find and mine your own being of gold.

I’m glad to say that there is no cookie-cutter formula.

I’ve worked with writers who haven’t published anything to those with multiple book contracts.

I’ve helped people who were just launching their careers to those who were contemplating a midlife switch.

I’ve worked with fiction and non-fiction authors, usually in books but sometimes screenplays and plays.

Interestingly, many memoir writers have actively sought me out recently and I’ve developed a particular expertise in that area.

If you’re lukewarm about your success or if you’re unwilling to consider feedback or creative brainstorming, we’re probably not a match.

If you’re entirely committed to excellence in your work and excited about expanding your career to the next level, we just might be a good fit.

What matters most is that you are passionate about your work and that I feel I can truly support your vision for it in a meaningful way.

Along with coaching a handful of 1:1 clients, this fall I’m starting a very select Virtual Writer’s Group.

The cost will be considerably smaller than working with me individually combined with the benefits of being part of an inspiring community.

If this intrigues you, send me an email HERE and I’ll be sure to update you once applications are available.



“Working with Edward completely ignited my creativity and self-expression.

I began working with him at the very beginning of launching my career as an empowerment coach for other women. He helped me create my first workshops, my first emailings, my first offerings all in a way that expressed my unique gifts and talents. Our work together made me more confident to put myself out there in a big way. Having his weekly accountability and support was priceless.

Since working with Edward, I’ve gone from zero to hundreds of clients with a wait list for both my group and 1-on-1 programs. I’m loving my life and finally free to be the real me in my business!”


Julie Santiago
Health & Happiness Coach




“Working on a book–or any long writing project–can sometimes become overwhelming, with so many moving pieces to keep in place. I found myself in such a spot not long ago, confused about where I was going. I desperately needed another set of eyes on me and my project. I called Edward for a quick “jumpstart,” as he calls it, and after one call I had a schedule for the upcoming two months and a plan for how to proceed. That call–and Edward’s follow-up a few weeks later to see how I was doing and to slightly modify the program–were an enormous help. I’m moving ahead and the book is almost done. Thanks, Edward.”


Paul Raeburn

Author of Do Fathers Matter? The New Science of Fatherhood
(published by Scientific American/FSG for Father’s Day, 2014) and
Acquainted with the Night (Broadway, 2004), a memoir of raising children with bipolar disorder and depression.



“Edward turned my writing life around. By the time I found him, I was eleven years into writing a memoir that just wouldn’t come together. I didn’t know why. I was a pretty good writer. My story was unusual and compelling. I’d gone to a lot of trouble to hone my skills, completing an MFA in creative writing, working with a writing coach, and even hiring a professional book editor. Even with all that effort, the book was a muddled mess. Something wasn’t connecting. I knew there was gold in there, but I couldn’t find it.

Enter Edward. He was my last hope. Fortunately, he had exactly the kind of wisdom, experience, and teaching ability I needed. From our very first conversation, Edward started drawing the book’s vision out of its hiding place in my mind.

Edward served as a shepherd to my writing, reminding me of my vision, guiding me back toward it if I strayed. He was constantly interested in my creative process, and whenever I got stuck, he always had some perfect gem of an idea for how to un-stick me. After every session with him, I’d hang up the phone thinking, I know exactly what to do now! Even better, he believed in what I was writing, and he believed I could write exactly the book that was inside me. With his help, that’s what I did.”

–– F.B. Viola


Next Steps

Once we decide to work together, I schedule a longer conversation where we map out your projects and career goals.

After that, we have a weekly or twice a month session to check-in about progress and discuss the work. This takes place over the phone or Skype, although if you’re in NYC and want to swing by my apartment, that could also work. I’ve found, though, that the phone is fastest and just as effective.

Most sessions are about discussing the progress of your goals, course-correcting and brainstorming. I try to keep them at 30 minutes although if necessary they can run longer.

It’s important to realize that it’s not the amount of time you’re paying for: it’s the quality and directness of the content.

In the meantime, between sessions, I’m also available for occasional email questions. So far, no client has ever taken advantage of this and bombarded my inbox, and I’ve been happy to always respond to everyone within 12-24 hours.

Obviously, I read my clients’ work-in-progress although that varies considerably.

Some like to have me look at a small set of pages each week and offer comments while others prefer to discuss the work during our call and then have me look at a longer section of a draft once it’s further along.

I also suggest reading the testimonials on this page, to gain a greater sense of what I do. Please note while this often does include making publishing world introductions if and when appropriate, I can never promise you than I’m going to get you an agent and a book deal (no one can!).

Finally, the Million Dollar Question: how much do I charge…?

I have several different programs and payment plans––and yes, I do take credit cards––so I think it’s best we discuss options in a conversation.

You have two options. You can…

1. Email me about explore the possibility of working together and let me know a bit about yourself and what you’re working on or what’s challenging you. I’ll let you know if I think we’re a match or if I have more questions.

2. Alternatively, you could purchase a short Discovery Session under the Calendar Icon at the top of the page. I offer a few of them each week and I’m happy to say that sometimes in 30 minutes, I can offer someone the advice or information that really does provide a breakthrough (or at least sets them on the right path towards one.)





When writing a memoir, I felt a bit like a hoarder. All my stories were in boxes, everything felt important, and I sometimes got paralyzed. Edward gently and strategically helped me ‘unpack’ those boxes, find a straight path, and through a course of action he designed just for me, helped me complete the draft. Straight up, he gets shit done. Why? Because he’s done it himself. Without him this project would still be on some old to-do list.



Annie Sertich

Author / Senior Groundlings Member




After many starts and stops, I have finally found the path to complete a manuscript. Edward Vilga has illuminated my writing path through his encouragement, insights and confidence that I could accomplish this goal. Without his coaching, I would have stayed put in a place of self doubt and procrastination.”


Linda English
New London, CT




“Edward Vilga is always an inspiration. He is a terrific source of information and insight about all aspects of publishing and promotion.

His advice and experience can dramatically help a project move forward and find its audience. You’ll learn a lot and enjoy the ride!”


Sarah Herrington

Author of Always Moving and OM Schooled
Honored as one Oprah’s Eight Rising Poets
in O Magazine




Amazing things happen when you work with someone who believes and supports your Vision, on both practical and energetic levels.

Serious Magic Starts to Happen!

Why Deny Yourself the Gift of Creative Clarity?

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